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8088 & ShoOS

Well, my first project I’m going to document online is involving a little 8088 (which actually is a 8086 with an 8 bit bus) machine, a hercules monitor, a floppy disk and some nice 8086 assembly code.


ShoStats is a reimplementation of phpSysInfo in Perl, I did this because phpSysInfo is a real-time application which takes stats of the host it runs on and shows the results in the user browser. This was not an option for the machines I have running at home.


WMtemp is based on code from WMMemLoad and the sensor code is inspired by WMgtemp. It displays the CPU temperature and the system temperature in a dockapp, these temperatures are obtained through lm_sensors. The layout is in line with WMMemLoad and WMCPULoad (and a couple of others).